Introducing Sensil®
We are a new Nylon 6.6 brand created by NILIT®.
We are dedicated to elevating every apparel product we are part of and exceeding today’s consumer demand for excellence. We are the very first step in delivering performance, beauty, intelligence and quality to the world. And we hope you will partner with us to do it.
From fiber to fabric to finished piece, Sensil® fulfills the promise of impeccable quality that today’s consumer demands. Our core markets span intimates, base layers, activewear, hosiery and socks, outdoor apparel, outerwear and denim. Our collaboration spans the entire value chain.
From heating and cooling, to moisture management and odor control, to resiliency and longevity, to color perfection and print vibrancy — every Sensil® product has been crafted to lend a superior level of performance and style from fiber to fabric to finished garment.
Elevate your denim designs with Sensil® Breeze, the master-crafted nylon fiber created to lend a soft feel, cooling temperature control and incomparable quality. Because smarter design begins with a smarter fiber.
Sensil®’s Nylon 6.6 is the smarter choice
  • Grounded in decades of NILIT®’s expertise and knowledge of the entire value chain
  • Consumer insight, combined with extensive research
  • Created with the ultimate care and precision by masters of the craft
  • Designed to lend every garment longevity, a superior look and feel, and incomparable lifetime value
  • Delivers premium performance, across all types of apparel
  • Fulfills the promise to consumers that they’ve made an intelligent, well-informed investment in what they wear
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